Gears and Pinions Straight, Sprial, Hypoid, Angular  Bevel Gears


Gears and Pinions - Quality control

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Our quality control system, developed over the years, is implemented right from the inspection of  raw material to the final dispatch. Our testing lab is equipped with the necessary measurement and testing tools to enable stage-wise product testing while being put through the manufacturing process. 

The raw material is fully inspected dimensionally and metallurgically. It first goes through the process of crack detection.  Before being released for gear cutting, turn blanks are checked in detail to ensure conformity to the drawing requirement. The contact pattern on the Gear and Pinion is developed in the soft stage on  the gear testing machine to suit the customers requirement.


Material inspection

Hardness and micro structure inspection

During the heat treatment cycle, every batch is numbered and punched.  Hardened components are then checked for hardness and micro structure. The metallurgical report is maintained as per the heat code and test pieces  are preserved for counter checks. They are further checked for cracks on non-destructive type crack detection equipment.



Running quality i.e. noise, contact pattern and back lash variation of gear sets are determined by running mating Gears & Pinions on the Hypoid gear tester.  Gear Concentricity and tooth spacing is measured on special devices. Finally, all the components are inspected  to conform to the drawing dimension and released for packing.

Concentricity and tooth spacing -quality  checks



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