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Our Manufacturing Process


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In our integrated-manufacturing cycle the blank goes through various processes while being transformed from the raw material to the end product. Each stage in the manufacturing cycle has in-built quality checks which ensure that the end product will conform to all relevant quality parameters. 


Turning Department

Here the forged blanks are turned to suit the drawing requirement on  CNC machines. Necessary supporting equipments for drilling, tapping, broaching, key-way slotting etc. are also installed.            

Turning Machine
 Gear Cutting Department

The Gleason® Five Cut method is followed for Spiral Bevel Gears and Crown Wheel and Pinions manufacturing. Our products conform to AGMA standards. Gears are cut by using  the Generation or Format® method and Pinions are made using the Three Cut Gleason Cycle.

Before the cutting commences, the cutter blades are mounted on the cutter head and trued radially and axially.

The re-sharpening of the blades are done on special purpose cutter grinding machines.

Straight Bevel Gears are cut on machines using the Coniflex® System.  This system of cutting ensures  high productivity and good surface finish.

Cutter blades are re-sharpened radially and axially on special purpose cutter sharpening devices.

Gear cutting machine

Spline Hobbing & Thread Milling: 

Splines are hobbed on imported Spline hobbing machines and threads are milled on imported special purpose thread milling equipment.

Grinding machine

Grinding Department

In our recent  expansion program we have installed the latest machinery for internal, cylindrical spline and surface grinding.

The internal diameter of hardened crown wheels are ground by holding the component in pitch line chucks   to ensure accuracy of the finished gear.

Heat Treatment Department

Each component is gas carborised in an pit type furnace, then hardened in oil electrical degreased and then tempered. The component is then shot blasted. 

To ensure low distortion while hardening, Crown Wheels are press quenched i.e. the component, while hot, is held in a custom made die and immersed in quenching oil. Care is taken to ensure that the part is always pressed under controlled pressure while being quenched.  
Some components are cooled to  sub-zero temperatures, using special application low-temperature   equipment, to get better micro structure. Some components are sharpened to get better life and stress control.


Pit type furnace

Lapping process

Lapping Department

To ensure smooth and quiet running,  the Gears and Pinions are lapped after hardening.  Lapping is accomplished by running mating pairs together in a Gleason® Hypoid lapping machine and feeding a liquid abrasive compound under pressure into the gear pair. The compound removes small amounts of metal as the gears rotate, thus refining the  tooth surface and achive desired contact pattern.


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