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Since our inception four decades ago, we have set new standards for the gear manufacturing industry by adopting the latest technology, optimally utilising our production capacities and  adhering to stringent quality checks.

Apart from specialising in the manufacture of Spiral Bevel Gears, we also make Angular, Hypoid and Straight Bevel Gears. We also have the facility to manufacture ground Spline Shafts. Over the last few years, Spiral bevel gear sets, have been regularly exported to America, UK and Iran.



Gears and Pinions

Our state-of-the-art design center, manned by specialists in CAD/CAM, is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure quality design and processes. The various manufacturing processes are computerized to ensure quality components, with a high level of consistency.



Our recently enhanced production capacity enables us to cater to all your needs. Our emphasis on quality, competitive pricing & just in time deliveries,  assures you of the best Gears, competitively priced and quickly delivered.

Gears and pinions



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